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If you want to study the SpreadFighter models in detail, go to the GitBook documentation
Live Strategies
Series of models that identifies inefficient price changes and enables fairly accurate mean-return forecasting. It's designed for scalping style with a mean-reversion basis and is based on a multifactorial microstructural and correlation analysis

  • All models of this type have a Sharpe ratio of 2.5-3.5 and an accuracy above 60%
  • They are designed to evaluate accuracy relative to each situation (signal) and have a low margin of error in estimation
  • During periods of BTC volatility spikes, the effectiveness of the models drops
  • Currently, only a limited range is available for beta testing
Liquidation map
This model is familiar to a wide audience through services such as hyblockcapital.com and thekingfisher.io, which displays the main liquidation levels and calculates approximate volumes. While those models provide valuable insights into liquidation levels, their accuracy is not always reliable.

  • We are presenting our model based on volume distribution and you will be able to observe the most reliable liquidation zones on the charts.
  • We have not encountered any models that could compete with ours in terms of accuracy.
Real Time Manipulation
Monitor & Scanner

In the modern crypto market, subtle manipulations are not always clearly visible and often imperceptible to the human eye. Large participants will actively try to hide their actions until their plan is executed.

  • This powerful tool is designed to detect the majority of market manipulations within any coin.
  • It does not predict price behaviour but effectively assesses the manipulative activities of algorithms.
  • Now we highlight all activities that can potentially cause significant price changes.
  • Works as a great addition to the "Pre Pump Detector."

This is your market guide.

To effectively enter the position, we are used to relying on BTC as a leader of the market. However, the market reacts too quickly, with a high amount of stochastic arbitrage bots and a vast niche of HFT algorithms leaving almost no chance to retail traders.

We constructed a synthetic model containing data on a range of derivatives and a model that highlights the current local sentiment in the form of a "compass".

The model is based on the distribution of weights and factors to identify the assets that influence the local trading instrument.

Pre Pump Detector
We have identified deviations in the usual flow of trading volumes and conducted research using machine learning to build a series of models that can effectively detect anomalous volume traffic.

  • These models search for the dependencies between anomalous volume and changes in an instrument's price.
  • It's using an analytical forecast to search for subsequent pumps, based on “pre-pump” activity surges and unusual volume patterns, which are likely to lead to a sharp price movement.
  • That gives us the ability to forecast pumps for both low-volume and actively traded instruments.
Stop Killer
Leveraging the expertise of our colleagues in the industry, our team conducted an in-depth analysis and reverse engineering of stop order execution on cryptocurrency exchanges.
This allowed us to develop relatively simple models that can effectively estimate the trigger of stop orders and show the total volume of executed stop orders.

  • The first model shows triggers of average clusters.
  • The second model shows triggers of significant clusters of stop orders from participants.
  • This gives you an opportunity to effectively find entries for scalping
Levels Map & Scanner
"Smart Hi-Low"
Many traders use Technical Analysis at their foundation for trading, which usually encounters a few difficulties with setting alerts and configurations.

To simplify this task, we have developed a tool that enables traders to see prices near important levels in advance.

We have delved deeply into this issue, focusing on volume distribution and price amplitudes. Also, we have identified a range of factors that influence the strength of support and resistance, which will be incorporated into the tool.
Orders Flow Map
& Big Orders Scanner
There are many services that focus on the order book, but we have found that most of them lack advanced solutions. We invested significant resources in researching market microstructure. Based on our findings, we have developed several models that effectively filter Market Maker orders and act as trading assistants

  • This is an illustrative tool for analyzing the order book, both historically and in real time.
  • On top of order filtration, it performs a range of analytical operations, including distributing orders by category and identifying interconnected trading pairs.
Liquidation Killer & Scanner
This instrument contains 2 tools that work in tandem.

  • The "Liquidation Killer" will highlight all significant ongoing liquidations.
  • The Scanner will notify you of approaching significant clusters of volumes for liquidation.
Volatility Jump Detector

"Quiet before the storm" is the mojo for this instrument.

HFT algorithms tend to change their behaviour prior to the vol jump. We analyse that activity and inform you about any significant changes within the market microstructure.

That way you can prepare for the increased market activity and manage your risks more efficiently.

Aggregate Market
Analytics Desk
There are many services providing general analytics, but they are all significantly limited and force traders to navigate through multiple websites to assess the current market sentiment.

Besides what is offered, there are many important metrics that have been overlooked, so we will highlight this part for our clients.

Aggregate Market Analytics is a solution designed for analyzing direct market information from multiple sources.

  • Analyze spot, futures, and options markets all in one place across all available metrics.
  • Futures/spot volumes, liquidity and its imbalances,
  • Open interest, funding rate & premium index.
  • Spot-futures/options/cross-exchange spreads, max pain price,

and much more...

Technical Desk
This large desk includes a vast set of technical tools, providing automated market analysis and assessment. All in order to save a significant amount of time for professional technical traders.

  • The toolkit includes a range of scanners and strategies that reflect any interesting situations from a professional technical analysis standpoint within the intraday market.
  • The foundation is based on technical indicators, price action, and fractal geometry for implementing the main models and patterns relative to intraday data.
Sentiment Scanner
& Analytics
Sentiment analysis is a crucial component of trading and risk management and if you are not using models and filters for sentiment analysis, you are significantly behind in the industry.

We understand how challenging it can be for manual traders to analyze market sentiment on top of their other tasks. In the best-case scenario, traders rely on news sources, but this is often not enough.

To address this issue, we have developed a range of tools, including a screener and assist models, that can become an integral part of your trading life and provide a significant advantage.
Professional Synthetic
Charts & Symbols
Synthetic indices and spread trading are essential aspects for traders in the field of nonlinear strategies. We make these tools fully accessible and user-friendly for private professional traders and desks.

  • To accomplish this, we use our proprietary model to form reliable bars based on tick stitching.
  • We also employ a balancing model for the weight of traded volumes of instruments included in the synthetic composition for accurate visual representation.
  • In addition, our platform offers the ability to create synthetics of any complexity, including indices with automatic rebalancing and the highest speed. Our plan is to provide the complete toolkit in May of this year.
& Correlation Map
We offer a highly informative and balanced matrix based on:
  • Variations;
  • Correlations;
  • Cointegrations.

And other comparative statistical models that you will see in the near future for trading analysis.

Hedge Trading
& Market Neutral
We have a vast arsenal of models designed to extract profit from spreads and implement effective strategies with hedging elements. Our experience in this area makes us confident that you will appreciate the unique features of our models.

We will provide statistics on each of our models and describe their unique features. This information will be particularly interesting for funds as diversification tools.

Furthermore, it represents a comprehensive algo direction that we plan to introduce in 2024.

Market Map
Since our experience has been mainly focused on researching and trading the relationships between financial instruments, we see the crypto market in a slightly different light - as an interconnected ecosystem. T

his led us to develop two models that allow for a deeper assessment of the strength and relationships between instruments within the market structure. Along with this, we came up with excellent ideas for visually representing the situation within the structure and highlighting structural anomalies.

Many experienced traders have long understood the interconnected nature of the crypto ecosystem. The average correlation across the top 200 instruments in the market is 90%. If we are on the same page mentally, you will appreciate our visual solutions as high-level analysis tools that allow you to quickly assess the current structural situation in its entirety and identify opportunities for profit extraction.

Statistic Module
& Trading Journal
We are developing an AI-assisted trading journal that offers a unique and in-depth approach to analyzing trader behavior. Unlike other tools on the market, our journal assistant focuses on providing the most useful and detailed analytics.

It is backed by the algorithm's statistics, which has been trained on a large amount of data from thousands of manual traders. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose information about our partners.

The journal evaluates a trader's behavioral patterns in different market phases, times of day, and situations. After gathering statistics, the journal assistant provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of your trading strategy.

Prop trading desk for risk & money management
At the moment, we have a powerful risk management tool that has been successfully tested in algorithmic trading systems with real funds.

This is a professional infrastructure that performs parallel risk calculations and compares them with exchange data to reduce load and increase calculation speed, the construction of which took years.

It's capable of supporting thousands of trading algorithms and is closely related to the Statistics Module & ML Powered Trading Journal module.

The main task is to make risk management as convenient and understandable as possible. We are also interested in building an ecosystem that allows investors to hire traders, form virtual prop desks, and effectively manage the work of traders. And, of course, to give talented traders the opportunity to unite for joint capital management.
SF Trading Mode

This is a trading tool with additional analytics in the area of microstructure. Essentially next-generation Depth of the Market (DOM).

  • It includes powerful configuration for manual and semi-automatic trading
  • incorporating dozens of strategic models, including Market Maker strategies, and deep analytics of the current microstructure and its volatility.

This is the most expensive and complex tool in terms of integrating into the platform. We are not yet ready to disclose all the details and plan to introduce the tool in 2024.

Options Trading
& Analytical Desk

There is catastrophically little attention paid to analytical tools in the field of options trading on the crypto market. Yet this is one of the most progressive areas of working with risks and strategies.

We plan to improve the situation by the end of 2024 and will gradually announce our developments in this area.

Chat for Professional
Crypto Traders
This trading tool is included in our list for a reason, as it will be available exclusively to subscribers with PRO status.
Our goal in terms of communication within our platform is to bring together the best of the best, providing them with opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

We aim to create a thriving community of professional traders who can share their knowledge, experiences, and insights to help each other succeed in the highly competitive trading landscape