Crypto Droog
Professional analyst, swing trader,
and expert in automated trading
Crypto Droog
PhD in Economics, 10 years of teaching experience at a university, author of textbooks on statistics.

In crypto since 2017. Droog started with mining on 1070 video cards, in 2018-2020 he invested in dozens of ICOs, recorded video reviews on them on his YouTube channel. Regularly trading on Binance Futures live since 2021.

Since 2022 CryptoDroog is trading online on his YouTube Channel using CScalp terminal. Usually he starts streams on Monday and Friday evenings.
  • Expertise
    University teaching experience and research activities
  • Experience

    Experience in the cryptocurrency market
CryptoDroog`s cat
CryptoDroog asked us to post a picture of his cat on his about page. We love animals. And even more we love our partners. So keep a photo of the CryptoDroog`s cat :)
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