Cicap trading firm
Brokerage company, an online school for teaching trading in the financial markets, a closed prop company.
About founder
The company was founded by the legendary trader - Boris Vasilkovan.

Boris came to the cryptocurrency market from the traditional stock market in 2017, he really liked the volatility and the ability to trade a large number of trading situations per day. My trading experience started in 2010 with Forex, then I worked in a proprietary company and gained a lot of experience in scalping.

In 2019, he founded a trading school. Since then, more than 2,500 professional traders have graduated.
About Cicap
  • Brokerage services
    Providing access to the largest trading platforms in the crypto industry
  • Community
    Community of traders in a private Discord channel
  • Education
    Online school on trading and investing
  • Analytics
    Analytics of crypto currency projects (IDO, Metaverse, NFT, ITO, etc.)
CiCap contacts:
+7 (993) 325-54-43
Russian Federation, Krasnodar,
st. Red Partizan 216, office 201